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Desktops Office Suites - Small Suite

Air-conditioning (Fully), Parking

USD2792.50 per month

Property Description

Don’t want the hassles of setting up your own office - furniture, receptionist, equipment the works – well look no further. This ultra-modern, full service office solution is ready to meet your needs. DeskTops offers 13 Professional Single Suites which measure 80 sq.ft. of office space. It also has 1 Executive Single Suite, 3 Double Professional Co-Working Suites and 2 Triple Professional Wo-Working Suites – all of which can be adapted to accommodate larger staffing needs. These Professional Single Suits are beautiful with an air of industrial commercial architecture. Located within the Dega Complex Unit No. 2, these office spaces are being rented for a flat rate of which you will get a fully- furnished, air-conditioned office with shared desk space, wifi, telephones, electricity, water and one has the luxury of a manned reception area (receptionist 8am to 5pm). Take advantage of secretarial service, photocopies, international calls, stationery and tech station services (you will be billed separately). The amenities include fully equipped lunchroom, bathroom facilities and a mail delivery area. There are also 3 fully-equipped, high-tech meeting rooms which one can rent as needed. This property offers a safe environment, each tenant is given 24-hour access and a Bluetooth enabled RFIC card. With just an initial one-time fee or payable monthly for office and communal spaces, furniture and utilities, office equipment and maintenance, appliances and other misc. requirements you can bring your business and settle right in. It is a requirement that the first months rent, the security deposit and the initial one-time fee (or monthly fee) relating to communal spaces is payable at signing. Please note that the rate of Bds$5,585.00 includes the initial one-time fee. The base rent for this space is Bds$1,450.00 plus vat. Subject to a One Year Rental. Enjoy all-inclusive pricing with flexible terms. DeskTops awaits…. It will take you along your path of growth without moving too far. Please note that shorter term rentals are available at different rates.

Property Details


Don’t want the hassles of setting up your own office - furniture, receptionist, equipment the works – well look no further.


Air-conditioning (Fully)

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