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Sale Price: 125,000.00 USD
Located in the quiet beachside neighborhood of Newcastle is this rectangular parcel of land with endless possibilities for the design and co...  READ MORE
Sale Price: 130,000.00 USD
This fully enclosed 2 bed 1 bathroom property is approximately 14 years of age and sits on 3,506 sq.ft. of land. It is located within the e...  READ MORE
Sale Price: 155,400.00 USD
This partly enclosed property is 30+ years of age and sits on 22,200 sq.ft. of land. It is located within the small country area of Kendal ...  READ MORE
Sale Price: 180,000.00 USD
This 44,128 sq.ft plot of land offering a gentle elevation is situated in the parish of St. John. The lot itself is rectangular in shape wi...  READ MORE
Sale Price: 197,500.00 USD
This unfurnished, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom 2,544 sq.ft. home is located near to Stewarts Hill and Massiah Street in the parish of St. John. ...  READ MORE
Sale Price: 750,000.00 USD
“Seascape” is located in beautiful Bath in St. John. It is a fully enclosed, oceanfront, comfortable, two storey dwelling offering on t...  READ MORE
Sale Price: 1,200,000.00 USD
Imagine acres of private land with views of unspoilt countryside, framed by age old mahogany trees untouched by time. Built over 300 years a...  READ MORE
Sale Price: 55,685.00 USD
Two weeks Fractional Ownership, held freehold and deeded to a third party trust. Fully transferable, sellable and willable as you own a sha...  READ MORE


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