Barbados Driving Adventure

Barbados Driving Adventure

Barbados is a wonderful place to go on a lovely driving tour (rent a car or hire a taxi for a day) to take in the little seaside villages, gardens, churches, parks and reserves. This island has a long history of extending a warm welcome to visitors. So do yourself a favour and sample this tradition of hospitality that you will find still ingrained when you meet the locals.

This tour takes the better part of a day, depending on your pace and interest. There are countless attractions and activities to engage in on a holiday to Barbados, but this tour is a good introduction to our island paradise.

Cuz's Fish Shack BarbadosOne of the great culinary snacks of Barbados is a “cutter,” a salt-bread bun cut in half and filled with egg, cheese, flying fish, pork, or ham. Some say that’s the origin of the name, others say it’s because it “cuts” your hunger. Whatever story you go with, this Bridgetown location is the best place to try one. The simplicity of the peppery breading on the marlin sandwich, combined with a sprinkle of vinegar and some zesty pickles make it one of the best things you will ever eat.
Harrison's Cave BarbadosAt the heart of Barbados lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave. Located in the central uplands of the island, this breathtakingly beautiful, crystallized limestone cavern is a testament to nature’s mastery. Flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns characterize this living cave. Gaze in wonder at the white flow stones and in awe at the beauty of the speleothems which adorn the cave.
St. John's Parish ChurchBuilt in 1846 to replace the church that was destroyed by the Great Hurricane of 1831, this classic Gothic church is solid and soaring. The church grounds are serene and the cliff-edge site commands a sweeping view of the picturesque east coast. A noteworthy statue and funerary plaques add to the interest, and a small guidebook gives you details. In the churchyard rests Ferdinando Paleologus, a descendant of Emperor Constantine the Great, whose family was driven from the throne in Constantinople by the Turks. Ferdinando died here in 1678, after being a resident for over 20 years. Though always English, Barbados has attracted multinationals for quite some time.
Farley Hill BarbadosFarley Hill National Park is dominated by the ruins of a manor house that was gutted by fire in the 1960s. It is called the house of 100 windows because its owner wanted to please his wife by building a palace that would capture light from every angle. There are picnic tables spread throughout the mahogany trees. From a pagoda on a hilltop, look down on the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
Barbados Wild Life ReserveBarbados Wildlife Reserve is a four acre reserve opened in 1985 as a woodland sanctuary for the indigenous Barbados Green Monkey and other creatures such as tortoise, tiny Brocket deer and various birds. Today the Reserve harbours an intriguing menagerie that includes the agouti--a red-eared guinea pig-like creature, hares, Caimans from Guyana, porcupine and raccoon as well as wallaby, otter, iguana and a well-stocked aviary.
Codrington College BarbadosCodrington College, the oldest Anglican theological college in the Western Hemisphere, was built in 1743. The setting is especially beautiful with a magnificent lily pond and a driveway lined with towering palms.
Crane Beach BarbadosOnce you gaze out over the sparkling waters of Crane Beach at the never-ending vista of blues, it becomes obvious why Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous declared Crane Beach "One of the 10 Best Beaches in the World".
Oistins Fish Market BarbadosOistins Fish Market is known for the Friday and Saturday night open air fish fry, a great chance to taste local cuisine and socialize. By day, any day, an interesting spot to watch the fishermen and vendors and get fresh fish.
Bathsheba BarbadosThe quaint village of Bathsheba is the central point for the tourist attractions on the east coast of Barbados. It is breathtakingly beautiful with wide white sand beaches stretching along a dramatic coastline of striking rock formations. These large formations at Bathsheba beach also known as the soup bowl are remnants from an ancient coral reef carved by the surf. The village of Bathsheba is home to a small community of fishing folk and their families. Along the coast are guest houses, local rum shops and restaurants where you can relax, have a quick bite and a few drinks.

Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill BarbadosMorgan Lewis Sugar Mill was built in 1727 when Barbados was one of the major sugar colonies. The mill has been restored and is maintained by the Barbados trust. It includes an exhibit of equipment once used to make sugar. The mill lies on a scenic mount in the northeast of the island offering panoramic views of the East Coast.

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