For all foodies: Top 5 hidden gems of Barbados

If you looove food and travel, a visit to Barbados is a must! We have some awesome cozy eateries where scrumptious food and charming sceneries merge to produce an everlasting experience!

Bliss Café

Breakfast in Barbados is even better, thanks to Bliss Café!

If you’re looking for a quaint, cozy restaurant full of relaxing vibes and delectable breakfast or brunch, look no further than Bliss Café.

Top 7 Bajan Sweets & Treats

If you have a yen for travelling and a craving for sweets, then a visit to Barbados is a must!

There are so many from which to choose, so we selected the top seven sweets and treats found here in sweet Barbados. Just take your pick!

Sugar Cake

Made from grated coconut, spices and sugar, this sweet treat is sure to have your sweet tooth pulsing with excitement!

Top 6 activities for the nature buff to do while in Barbados!

Awesome attractions ideal for the nature buff while in Barbados!

If you love being at one with nature, a visit to Barbados should be on your bucket list! We have undoubtedly some of the most magnificent scenery and gardens waiting for you to explore and be spellbound.

Barbados National Trust hikes

While the island is quite flat, you can still enjoy awe-inspiring, educational hikes that will undoubtedly test your strength and dexterity.

7 Top Sporting Events in Barbados

Combine sun, sea and sports and what do you have? Barbados! Many visitors from across the globe flock to Barbados to enjoy the various sporting events while some make a snap decision to attend an event or two while on island.

If you are a sports aficionado, take your pick from cricket, polo, sailing, watersports, golf, horseracing, and motorsports like car racing and rally. What a list!

CRICKET…Lovely Cricket

5 little known facts about Barbados

Barbados has quite a rich history overflowing with compelling stories of which many are unknown and are worthy of adding to your bucket list!

Everyone knows that Barbados is the gem of the Caribbean; everyone knows about the gorgeous beaches and stunning sunsets; but not many persons know about the following five (5) intriguing facts about our island.

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