For all foodies: Top 5 hidden gems of Barbados

For all foodies: Top 5 hidden gems of Barbados

If you looove food and travel, a visit to Barbados is a must! We have some awesome cozy eateries where scrumptious food and charming sceneries merge to produce an everlasting experience!

Bliss Café

Breakfast in Barbados is even better, thanks to Bliss Café!

If you’re looking for a quaint, cozy restaurant full of relaxing vibes and delectable breakfast or brunch, look no further than Bliss Café.

This sweet little café located close to the end of St. Lawrence Gap, (having recently moved from their smaller location in the middle of the gap) is ideal for family breakfast, girls’ brunch/lunch or couples breakfast and beyond.

From their intriguing breakfast menu, you may choose from soft, warm and tasty flatbread toasties filled with either turkey bacon, egg, cheese; vegetable or meat omelettes; bagels or sandwiches and waffles with unique toppings such as turkey bacon and maple syrup. And, not to mention that your taste buds will be awakened with the decadent, mouth-watering snazzy shakes in various flavours from chocolate mint to toasted coconut and caramel. Yummy yum! For lunch, vegetarians can choose from with spicy lentils or hummus flatbread, and meat lovers from either spicy beef or three chicken options (jerk, pesto or BBQ) to the delight all types of taste buds.

Word to the wise – make sure to either make a reservation or arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Tiki Pies

Heading to the beach and looking for a simple and delicious breakfast to indulge in while you soak up some rays in beautiful Barbados? Then Tiki Pies is the place.

This hidden gem is located in Bayside Plaza, St. Michael (in close proximity to the Hilton Hotel) in a cute chattel house-type kiosk in the centre of the plaza.

Indulge in yummy breakfast pies made of a lovely semi-flaky buttery pasty filled with unique ingredients created by the marrying of Caribbean spices with Kiwi flavours. Choose from steak and kidney, sweet curry chicken, coconut curry veg, beef sloppy Joe’s, southern tomato (tomatoes, cheese and pesto-the best-o!) or the traditional breakfast fare like egg, bacon and cheese or egg, basil, sun-dried tomato and feta…just to name a few.

Anddd … to satisfy your sweet tooth, their pecan and apple pies and the melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls are a MUST-try! Pair a pie or two with local grown/ground coffee for an epic Bajan/Kiwi breakfast experience at a reasonable price.

Animal Flower Cave

One of the most picturesque sites you must see while in Barbados, Animal Flower Cave, will also captivate your taste buds. 

While exploring our intriguing little island, make sure to set your eyes on this exquisite, natural wonder in the northern parish of St. Lucy. Take in the luscious breeze overlooking the gorgeous yet treacherous Atlantic Ocean, with breathtaking backdrops for selfies, family photos and even professional photo shoots.

You can’t visit the periphery of the cave without actually heading down the steps to see the wonder that lies beneath! When you step inside this ocean cave, enthralling coral floor, sea anemones and natural rock pools await you. Once again, the underground backdrop of the ocean in the background is undoubtedly a beautiful, picturesque spot for breathtaking photos and selfies that will make you the envy of your friends back home, shivering in the cold.

After visiting this underground ocean wonder, it is time to have a delicious lunch in their relaxing restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Ideal for all ages, the wide-range menu caters to both the vegetarian and the pork lover. The dishes are served with delicious Caribbean zest replete with the fragrant spices and aroma. Choose from chicken, shrimp or vegetable rotis, West Indian curries, Bajan fish cakes, black belly lamb stew, salt fish buljol and roasted jerked chicken. For the vegetarian, choose from the yummy options of Caesar Salad, quinoa salad or vegetable roti. And you have to try their unique Bajan spin on the taco – tacos made of thinly sliced breadfruit with your choice of jerked chicken, BBQ pulled pork or flying fish. The exquisite blending of Caribbean herbs and spices help to make the Bajan meal and experience even more unforgettable at the Animal Flower Cave.

La Cabane

Mix “sunny shade”, sea, sand and delicious food, and you’ve got La Cabane restaurant.

This tucked-away treasure is located on the south west of Barbados on Batts Rock Beach, Black Rock, St. Michael.

Picture this. Swimming in the soothing sea and sunbathing on the beach as delicious, mouthwatering scents waft their way down to the beach from La Cabane. What to do? Pack up your bags and find your way to the restaurant for a healthy, hearty meal.

You will certainly enjoy your lunch or dinner at this casual restaurant. Choose from healthy salads with mango to add a little sweet yumminess or fish ceviche for a starter. Tantalise your taste buds with grilled lobster, 8oz steak, free range chicken or fish fillet for your main paired with either hand-cut potato chips, jacket potatoes or grilled vegetables.

Stay for the sunset! Barbados is well-known for stunning sunsets and this is one of the ideal spots on island to witness this awesome spectacle. Arrive for an early dinner and you may get the opportunity to see the green flash after such a spectacular sunset!

Both delectable cuisine and easy breezy atmospheres go hand in hand at La Cabane.

The Bay Tavern, Martins Bay

If you’re craving an authentic Bajan gastronomic experience while in Barbados, be sure to visit The Bay Tavern, a bar and restaurant located on Martin’s Bay, a small fishing village in the eastern parish of St. John.

Renowned for its epic Thursday seafood lime, the Bay Tavern serves up a wide range of yummy local seafood fare such as marlin, swordfish, dolphin, flying fish and the popular fried snapper. For those shellfish aficionados, a sample of the pickled conch, shrimp and sea cat is worthwhile…you won’t be disappointed! Pair your seafood with tasty side dishes like green banana cou cou, breadfruit cou cou or steamed vegetables or a variety of salads – tossed, coleslaw or pasta for that healthy touch. You may indulge in this delicious Bajan cuisine any day of the week while in beautiful Barbados.

Not only will the cuisine have you coming back for more but also the tranquility of this sweet haven. With the bay at your disposal, there is a shallow reef that breaks the waves creating small pools perfect for taking a soothing dip. Have lunch either inside the restaurant, where you can also showcase your vocal skills in the karaoke sessions, or outside on the picnic tables for a more relaxing, peaceful ambience.


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