Five Fun Activities to do while in Barbados

Five Fun Activities to do while in Barbados

Fun, epic escapades and tranquility beckon you as soon as you land in beautiful Barbados.

JetBlade Barbados

Let your first time "walking on water" be in Barbados!

Flying high never felt so good until you are jetted out of the gorgeous ocean blue while on holiday in Barbados. High flying times await you when you land on our stunning shores, so head to the beach for some JetBlade water action.

JetBlade Barbados Hydro Flight Experience is ideal for those who are fanatical about the ocean and exhilarating escapades. All you have to do is show up at the beach and be game to soar above the water after receiving clear instructions from this knowledgeable and experienced team, whose passion is to make you comfortable and confident. And in no time you'll be skyrocketing above the water like a superhero!

Even if you don't know how to swim or you are not a strong swimmer, you can still enjoy this awesome water experience thanks to the caring and knowledgeable instructors who ensure your safety. They even teach you a "very easy roll over technique to assist flotation', which is popular among their non-swimmer guests.

The instructors also ensure your safety by using a "Shadow Flying" method where the instructor is right behind the jetpack with you initially making sure you are stable before you are on your own. There are various levels catering to your interest, the number of guests and your swimming capabilities. The introductory level is ideal for those who want "to get their feet wet."

This is definitely a memorable experience where you will feel invincible as you are catapulted from the ocean.

You can jet fly any day of the week between 9:00am-5:00pm while you're "holidazing" in beautiful Barbados!

Off Road Fury

Instead of the usual fun on the beach in Barbados, why not try some fun off the road with Off-Road Fury? If you live for fast-paced thrills, then off-roading with Off-Road Fury is worth it while you de-stress in paradise.

Go off the beaten track with this friendly and experienced team and have a blast!   What better way to experience our Bajan "outback" than by gathering a group of thrill-seeking friends, jumping on a 4 wheeler Buggy and zooming through cart roads and sugarcane fields while relishing in this ultimate adventure. Ohhh and the muddier it is, the more fun you will have splishing and splashing with your new Buggy friend! So make sure you are appropriately dressed … or covered!

The fun lasts for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and is suitable for both adults and children. If you're here on a girls' trip, a boys' lime or honeymooning, then go off the road in search of adventure.

Island Safari

Island Safari in Barbados is a must for those who yearn to learn more about Barbados in an epic adventure. You're sure to have a fun-filled day bursting with laughter, knowledge, picturesque sceneries and good old Bajan cuisine!

Step aboard one of the comfortable "safari rigged Land Cruisers" for an unforgettable tour of Barbados. Bump your way through rocky roads and off the beaten tracks and sites otherwise inaccessible by other means of transport, unveiling Barbados' hidden treasures, stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring views.

During this exciting journey of your life, Island Safari's professional tour guides will undoubtedly entertain you as they share interesting Barbadian folklore, culture and history. Each driver is charismatic and hilarious as they interact with you making the experience intriguing while bringing the island's wonder to life! Spellbinding photo opportunities abound as you travel across the island while singing and swaying to the music and simply reveling in all Barbados has to offer. Also delight in the famous Barbadian rum punch or fruit punch along the route and indulge your appetite with traditional Bajan cuisine at the end of this whirlwind island tour.

Island Safari caters to both adults and children (5 years and over) so brace yourself for a legendary day full of fun, entertainment, and food!

Stand-up Paddle

Do you love pristine water, sunny days, glowing sands and watersports? Then stand-up paddling in gorgeous Barbados is what you should be doing!

Enjoy a lazy paddle out on the open water while holidaying on our lovely shores.

Connect not only with a paddle board but also the ocean and be stilled by serene wave after wave as you rejuvenate and get in some exercise simultaneously while paddle boarding.

Also feel connected to the ocean and be stilled by the serene wave after wave while getting in some exercise as you paddle the board or do a few downward dog yoga poses on the surfboard. This gentle yet invigorating activity will leave you will feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

Afterwards go for a swim or laze on the beach and soak up sizzling sun rays, leaving you radiant.

Scuba Diving and snorkeling

Not only does Barbados' beaches boast brilliant blue hues and scintillating sands but they are also home to exotic sea life, which you are sure to meet during a scuba diving or snorkeling session.

Snorkel and scuba dive under the deep blue sea and be awed by the spectacle that exists – unique fish and friendly and striking sea turtles swimming together as one big happy family! Be prepared to be spellbound when you meet these vibrant turtles up close and personal!  You will also be fortunate to feast your eyes on seahorses, octopus, stingrays and much more! Not to mention the breathtaking, colourful underwater flora like the sea fans and sea coral.

Undoubtedly you will get to see the shipwrecks full of mystery and captivating you as you explore the deep blue.

What a perfect underwater photo opp, so make sure you have your Go Pro camera ready for action. A visit to Barbados' underwater world is a must!

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