Top 7 Bajan Sweets & Treats

Top 7 Bajan Sweets & Treats

If you have a yen for travelling and a craving for sweets, then a visit to Barbados is a must!

There are so many from which to choose, so we selected the top seven sweets and treats found here in sweet Barbados. Just take your pick!

Sugar Cake

Made from grated coconut, spices and sugar, this sweet treat is sure to have your sweet tooth pulsing with excitement!

You will often find pink sugar cakes, which get their colour from pink dye. Traditionally sugar cakes were made with only coconut and sugar (and molasses for brown sugar cakes) but recently new flavours have been created like delicious bay leaf and ginger!

Guava Cheese

Guava cheese is a chewy and sticky sweet made from guava fruit, grown in Barbados.

How to make:

  1. Peel firm guavas and remove all of the seeds
  2. Place guava pulp, sugar and spice in a saucepan and cook on high until mixture starts to "jump', stirring occasionally
  3. Reduce heat and cook mixture, until mixture is thick and separates easily from the bottom and sides of the pot, leaving the pot "clean'.
  4. Pour Guava cheese in a greased fireproof glass dish and let it cool.
  5. When cool, cut into small squares.
  6. Sprinkle with sugar

Nut Cakes

If you love peanuts and sugar, then Bajan nut cakes are for you! (By the way, we aren't referring to the traditional cake made with butter, sugar and eggs) This crunchy treat is similar to peanut brittle, where peanuts and sugar are combined and made into oval pieces.

It is quite simple to make:

  1. Boil the sugar until it reaches the correct consistency
  2. Add spices and nuts
  3. Let it cool and harden
  4. Enjoy!

Bajan Fudge

If you have a craving for something seriously sweet while in Barbados, indulging in Bajan fudge is a must!

You can choose from a wide array of flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and even rum! Try the locally made rum fudge in flavours such as Piña Colada, chocolate and vanilla by A Taste of the Islands available from The Best of Barbados shops.

Coconut Bread

Coconut bread, also known as sweet bread, is another Bajan sweet delicacy that will definitely satisfy your sugar cravings. It is also simple to make by combining grated coconut, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, cherries, raisins and spices and baked into loaves. The pièce de résistance is the divine combination of grated coconut, powdered cinnamon, and brown sugar placed in the middle of the coconut bread or on top of the loaf leaving a burst of sweet 'cinnamony' flavour in your mouth! You can enjoy this treat anytime of the year.

Tamarind Balls

This tart snack is a favourite among the locals and visitors alike. Bajan tamarind balls are a perfect blend of sweet and sour. This sweet and tarty tamarind fruit grows on magnificent trees and grows in an easy-to-crack shell revealing brown, sour-sweet flesh covering the seed. The tamarind fruit is combined with brown sugar and rolled into balls satisfying both your sweet and sour senses. You can also get some that are garlic or hot and spicy flavoured.

Be careful when biting into these as most tamarind balls contain a few tamarind seeds!


Don't be confused by the name but comforts are actually Bajan soft mints, made from a combination of sugar and peppermint "pulled into a light, airy confectionery that melts in your mouth".

All of these sweet Bajan sweets and treats can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores as well as street vendors at fairs and even outside of a vendor's tray by the entrance of Sky Mall.

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